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Re: Bug#485961: installation-reports: Installer can't locate CD-ROM drive (sparc)

 > After looking at this again I'm fairly certain that this is the real
 > problem, so I've gone ahead and made the necessary changes. These
 > changes I made should become effective in daily built installer images
 > as soon as we switch over to the 2.6.25 kernel.

 > A confirmation that loading sun_esp does indeed work for you would still
 > be very much appreciated of course.


Yesterday I successfully booted from my modified netinst CD, manually
loaded the sun_esp and esp_scsi modules, and the installer could then
detect the CD-ROM drive.  I could see that drive and the SCSI hard disk
in /proc/scsi/scsi.

As a possibly separate issue, I'm now having trouble getting the
installer to recognize the hard disk.  There are several things I need
to try, including moving that drive to SCSI ID 0.

Do you know when the 2.6.25 switch will occur?



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