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Re: Any progress?


Am Montag, 8. Oktober 2007 16:29 schrieb Bernd Zeimetz:
> > I will get in contact with some of those kernel developers and ask
> > wait for some good recommendations or hints. I have only my very
> > very very old Sparcstation at home, but I know some sparc-addicted
> > NetBSD people which have tons of them. I will ask them if they
> > could provide me 2 or 3 of them and I will also try to use my
> > vitamine B at Sun Microsystems, maybe they have still some 32bit
> > stuff which they can donate.
> I have a Sparcstation 4 and 10 here (the SS 10 needs new fans,
> though, but I think I have them here already), probably another one
> at work. If anybody is interested to do Debian work on them I'll give
> them away for free, probably also pay for the shipping.
Should somebody be interested in that SS10, I have a spare PSU (used, 
but it was working a year ago) for it, just in case you want to avoid 
the fan change. I live in Switzerland, but sending it to Germany would 
be ok for me. I can pay for the shipping, BUT you would need to pay 
import taxes (if there are any).



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