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Re: Any progress?


> I will get in contact with some of those kernel developers and ask wait for some
> good recommendations or hints. I have only my very very very old Sparcstation at
> home, but I know some sparc-addicted NetBSD people which have tons of them. I
> will ask them if they could provide me 2 or 3 of them and I will also try to use
> my vitamine B at Sun Microsystems, maybe they have still some 32bit stuff which
> they can donate.

I have a Sparcstation 4 and 10 here (the SS 10 needs new fans, though,
but I think I have them here already), probably another one at work. If
anybody is interested to do Debian work on them I'll give them away for
free, probably also pay for the shipping.



Bernd Zeimetz
<bernd@bzed.de>                         <http://bzed.de/>

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