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Problems with IceWeasel


I'm not certain if this is a bug with some package, or whether it's just
something odd on my machine, but IceWeasel hasn't been working for me
for a few days. I'm running Debian testing on a Sun Ultra 5.

Running IceWeasel just generates this error message and nothing else:

%:gpd@aragorn:~> iceweasel                    [(pts/1) 7:08 on 07-07-20]
/usr/share/themes/Wasp/gtk-2.0/gtkrc:1: Unable to find include file:

[After a bit under 30 mins, I pressed ^C to kill the job -- it's not
just being slow to load]
%:gpd@aragorn:~>                              [(pts/1) 7:35 on 07-07-20]

Interestingly, IceDove gives a similar error but does in fact work:

%:gpd@aragorn:~> icedove &                   [(pts/0) 14:31 on 07-07-03]
[1] 31877
%:gpd@aragorn:~> /usr/share/themes/Wasp/gtk-2.0/gtkrc:1: Unable to find
include file: "iconrc"
DOUBLE-CLICK: 400 --> -1 THRESHOLD: 8 --> -1
%:gpd@aragorn:~>                              [(pts/0) 7:10 on 07-07-20]

One possibility I guess could be a rogue FireFox extension -- I'm
running both Google Browser Sync and Google Toolbar -- but neither of
those have been updated lately (to my knowledge).

A quick search on bugs.debian.org did not bring up anything of interest,
and I doubt such a serious bug with IceWeasel would go
unreported/unfixed for more than a day -- which does make me think the
problem is with my computer.

Any suggestions?



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