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Sparc32: Mailing list & Wiki created

Hi all,

I'm a complete outsider, SPARC-wise, and probably won't be able to 
contribute.  But I like the fact that Debian runs on anything from mobile 
phones to s390 to Babbage's differential engine.  And I saw people wanting 
to keep sparc32 alive and kicking.  And I saw people blogging about it, and 
at least somebody saying on this list, that having project infrastructure 
available would be a good idea.

So here it is:
 -> Debian sparc32 coordination Wiki: <http://wiki.debian.org/Sparc32>
 -> Debian sparc32 mailing list:      <debian-sparc32@fortytwo.ch>

(Yes, the list should probably move to be somewhere inside debian.org/.net, 
but the important thing right now seems, to me, having a platform available 
where people willing to work on sparc32 can organise themselves.)

This is, obviously, an experiment.  If it's a success, then ok, and if it 
fails, then at least I've tried this.

-- vbi

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