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Re: Can't use all of my disk in my SS20.

On Wed, 2007-07-18 at 16:52 +0100, Chris Andrew wrote:
> Martin,
> With regard to the Etch install, I installed Sarge, which was fine.  i
> then did a dist-upgrade to Etch.
> Previously, I had been getting "File does not appear to be
> executable", on my first reboot.  I had a bit of a long-shot and
> installed debian on my 2nd HDD.  My two disks were labelled something
> like disk 0 and 1, when I picked where to install debian.  I was
> making the mistake of thinking that the default boot was disk 0.
This should be configurable in OpenBoot.

>   I was wrong.  When I installed on the 2nd disk, everything worked
> just fine.  Hence my install of Etch, which is just finishing. 

> With regard to the second part of your message, copying the disk
> geometry etc, yo totally lost me, I'm afraid.
It's a lot easier than that.  /If/ the problem is with the disk label on
the second disk, then something like:

1. Copy the data off the "200Mb" disk
cp -arv /mnt/200Mb /mnt/somewhere-safe/

2. Zero the start of the disk (thus overwriting the disk label)
(remember to unmount first though...)
dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/200Mb count=100

3. Use fdisk to build a new disk label and make sure the values are
correct for the disk (real ones should be given in dmesg when the disk
is recognised, or maybe in /proc/, or probably printed on the disk)
fdisk /dev/200Mb

> Hope this helps the archive.
Hopefully it will help if someone has the same problem and searches the
archives for a solution.

 - Martin

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