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Re: Retiring the sparc32 port

Mark Morgan Lloyd wrote:
BERTRAND Joël wrote:

Berkeley university has a work in progress on a super computer that uses sparc32 too.

Interesting- do have a URL for that?

	No. Only this mail :

I have a feeling that the broken sparc32 SMP is related to
the CPU-specific SMP code, rather than the whole sparc32 port.
We have added SMP support for the leon3 (V8) processor to
linux-, and are happily running systems with 8 CPUs
in hardware and up to 16 CPUs in simulation. This is done
using cache snooping to synchronize processors, i.e. we do
NOT flush or disable data caches to keep the system running.

I would therefore appreciate if the sparc32 SMP code was left
in the kernel, and not removed because it does not work on
legacy Sun systems. Leon3/SMP will be used in several projects
(and products), including the UC Berkeley RAMP massively parallel
computer system. We will make an effort to sync our leon3
port to the latest kernel version (2.6.21 ?), and try (again)
to submit the patches for review and inclusion in the
mainstream kernel.

Jiri Gaisler.
Gaisler Research.



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