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Re: Retiring the sparc32 port

Austin (Ozz) Denyer wrote:
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On Sun, 15 Jul 2007 14:18:00 +0200, Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> wrote:
On Sunday 15 July 2007 03:53, Austin  Denyer wrote:
On Sat, 14 Jul 2007 18:08:57 -0700, Steven Ringwald <asric@asric.com>
I, for one, will be sorry to see it go, as I actively use my SS10's
and 20's. Anyone know of any other Linux distros out there that
support the Sparc32 architecture, or am I going to have to look into
something like NetBSD going forward?
I too will be sad to see it go.  I love my SS5...
Hi Steven and Denyer,

We are *also* sad to see sparc32 go, but these kinds of messages are only a repeat of similar reactions on earlier threads.

What we need to sparc32 alive - not only in Debian, but in Linux in general - is not people who are sad, but people who are willing to invest time and energy to fix the issues there are, to make sure sparc32 is supported in the software (kernel, toolchain, whatever) and who are committed to _keeping_ it maintained.
Being sad unfortunately does not help with that at all.

As to alternatives, what you should be looking for is somewhere where there is a vibrant sparc32 community, including people who are not just sad, but who are actually doing work to maintain the port.
I have no idea if NetBSD has such a community or not.

I fully understand what you're saying.  The problem is that it would
appear that most of the people who USE the sparc32 port are not the
people who have the skills to develop it.  I count myself in that
group.  I am not a C hacker - I wish I was.  I would give my right arm
to be able to support the project with code.
Oh well...


NO the problem is that noone, whether currently qualified or not has taken over mantainance of kernel and toolchain as Frans wrote. Without this Debian (in this case) can't foreseeably have a current or testing release for sparc32, only archived stable versions.

I would like to thank all the developers involved in sparc32 for their hard work over many years and acknowledge how hard it must be for them to turn their backs on years of work. I applaud Frans subtlety/ tact and in light of its failure, I'd also ask that users refrain from lamenting loss of sparc32 in this thread and leave it for responses to Jurij's original email.


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