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Hi, ladies and gentlemen . I could'nt install Debian on my SUn SPARC
ULTRA 1, because the crom has benn written with K3B under Fedora core 5,
i.e with the ISO 9660 format, which unknown by the SUN OS ver 5.5.1. 
Thus, I believe the only thing to do, is to transfer Debian from fedora
to the sun, but for this, I have to install an net between these two
computerFor this, I nedd your help, because the "ifconfig" man page on
the SUN OS is very confusing for me . The IP address (inet Address) is
correct , and in the same net and subnet as the one of the fedora core
machine. But nevertheless, I can't ping neither "nmap" the sun machine
from my fedora machine; I believe in missed an option, like "plumb"
which appaers to be used to associate hm0 device (i;e eth0) to the inet
How to use this option ? and how to enter a gateway ?? many thanks

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