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Re: Second video card in a SPARC Ultra 5

On Fri, 2007-04-27 at 06:03 +0000, Jordan Bettis wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> Now, I use dual-head so I figured I would install a video card in one
> of the PCI slots so I could attach my second monitor. I chose an ATI
> Rage 128 that I had, figuring that while it doesn't have a Sun
> framebuffer bios, that shouldn't prevent it from working with X.
FWIW... I ran an UltraAXi board (similar to an Ultra 5) with dual head
using a pair of sun ATi Mach 64 cards with OpenBoot firmware.  I tried
but don't recall ever suceeding using an ATI Mach 64 card with a PC
BIOS.  Although 'in theory' it should be workable, it actually trashed
the OpebBoot set up on the motherboad; requiring a hefty reset.  I got
slightly further using old Matrox Millenium cards (which had a toggle
switch so they didn't need intialisation from a BIOS); multiple of these
were recognised but IIRC I didn't quite get the framebuffer driver for
them in the kernel working.  Anyway,  YMMV but using non Sun graphics
cards is tricky; it should work but there seem to be lots of little
oddities that need to be ironed out; requiring a knowledge of the
hardware, kernel and X.  Good luck.

 - Martin

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