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Second video card in a SPARC Ultra 5

Hi everyone.

I'm trying to use a Sun Ultra 5 as my workstation. The install of
Debian went well and X works fine using the on-board video
(215GP). The only trouble I get from x.org is this warning:

(WW) ****INVALID IO ALLOCATION**** b: 0x2c00400 e: 0x2c004ff correcting

This is X.org version 1:7.1.0-16 on Linux 2.6.18-4-sparc64. 

Now, I use dual-head so I figured I would install a video card in one
of the PCI slots so I could attach my second monitor. I chose an ATI
Rage 128 that I had, figuring that while it doesn't have a Sun
framebuffer bios, that shouldn't prevent it from working with X. This
is how X -scanpci sees it:

(2:3:0) unknown card (0x1002/0x5046) using a ATI Technologies Inc Rage 128 PP/PRO TMDS [Xpert 128]

I've not been able to get X to start using this card. I've tried
disabling DRI and OpenGL, adding the "NoInt10" option to the screen
secton of the card, alternatly enabling and disabling framebuffer on
the device, and switching to Linux 2.4 using the package from

Interestingly the situtation has gotten worse. Now when I try to start
X with this card enabled (device section below), the "NoInt10" option
and DRI and GLX disabled, the entire machine freezes, even for SSH
sessions. After I do a hard reboot this is a tail of the Xorg.log:

(II) Module pcidata: vendor="X.Org Foundation"
        compiled for 7.1.1, module version = 1.0.0
        ABI class: X.Org Video Driver, version 1.0
(--) using VT number 7

(II) PCI: PCI scan (all values are in hex)
(II) PCI: 00:00:0: chip 108e,a000 card 0000,0000 rev 00 class 06,00,00 hdr 00
(II) PCI: 00:01:0: chip 108e,5000 card 0000,0000 rev 13 class 06,04,00 hdr 81
(II) PCI: 00:01:1: chip 108e,5000 card 0000,0000 rev 13 class 06,04,00 hdr 81
(II) PCI: 01:01:0: chip 108e,1000 card 0000,0000 rev 01 class 06,80,00 hdr 80
(II) PCI: 01:01:1: chip 108e,1001 card 0000,0000 rev 01 class 02,00,00 hdr 80
(II) PCI: 01:02:0: chip 1002,4750 card 0000,0000 rev 5c class 03,00,00 hdr 00
(II) PCI: 01:03:0: chip 1095,0646 card 1095,0646 rev 03 class 01,01,8f hdr 00
(II) PCI: 02:03:0: chip 1002,5050 card 1002,5046 rev 00 class 03,00,00 hdr 00
[End of file] 

This is using this device section:

Section "Device"
        Option     "NoAccel"                    "True"
        Option     "DMAForXv"                   "False"
        Option     "UseFBDev"                   "False"
        Option     "VGAAccess"                  "False"
        Identifier  "Card1"
        Driver      "ati"
        VendorName  "ATI Technologies Inc"
        BoardName   "Rage 128 PP/PRO TMDS [Xpert 128]"
        BusID       "PCI:2:3:0"

This locking behavior began when I tried Linux 2.4 and has persisted
even after I switched back to 2.6. Before that I got this error when
starting X.org without the "NoInt10" option in the screen section of
this card:

(II) Loading sub module "int10"
(II) LoadModule: "int10"
(II) Loading /usr/lib/xorg/modules/libint10.so
(II) Module int10: vendor="X.Org Foundation"
        compiled for 7.1.1, module version = 1.0.0
        ABI class: X.Org Video Driver, version 1.0
(II) R128(0): initializing int10
(II) Attempted to read BIOS 128KB from /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000:02:01.0/rom: got 44KB


Fatal server error:
Caught signal 10.  Server aborting
[End of file]

Wehn I added the "NoInt10" option and before I tried Linux 2.4 I was
getting this error:

xf86MapPciMem: Could not mmap PCI memory [base=0xsomething,hostbase=0xsomething,size=0xsomething]

Unfortunatly I don't have the exact error message anymore (with the
addresses) because I didn't think at the time to save the log file and
can't reproduce it now.

Now, I don't know if this is because I'm not using an official sun
video card, or if it's related to something else, perhaps this:


Or (hopefully) a misconfiguration on my part. In the first case, I'd
be willing to buy an X3668A as they are going for a reasonable price
on ebay, but I'm afraid if the problem stems from bug 392312 or
something that's not going to help me and I'll have just sunk more
money into this project.

At any rate, that's my situation right now. Very frusterating. I'm
happy to supply this list with any other information you might need
including full logs and config files. I trucated everything here so
that this message isn't a massive dump of a bunch of log files.

Thank you, 

Jordan Bettis -- Chicago Il.

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