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Re: Kernel update problems

On 29 Apr 2007, at 19:52, Ben Mueller wrote:

On Sun, 29 Apr 2007, Frans Pop wrote:
On Sunday 29 April 2007 09:49, gavin duley wrote:
Could anyone suggest what the problem is, and maybe what I could do to
fix it?

1) File a bug report against yaird; the problem is there

I think this is #396193. I saw a similar problem when upgrading my Ultra60
from a running 2.6.18 kernel. In my case the first patch provided by
Bernhard R. Link did help. But I switched to initramfs-tools anyway.

Yes, that does seem to be the exact same problem I was having. I can't see any purpose in me adding anything to that bug report, it seems to be documented well enough already.

2) Use initramfs-tools in the mean time

Thanks, this fixed the problem for me. The update installed perfectly.


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Gavin Duley
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