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Re: Dropping sparc32 for lenny

On Friday 27 April 2007, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Am 2007-04-25 16:36:07, schrieb Chris Newport:
> > You are misinterpreting Sun's position.
> > Sun provides hardware and Solaris support for all Sun machines
> > until at least 10 years after the last of the type was offered for sale.
> > This is one helluva lot longer than most other companies.
> OK.
> > I have Ultra 2 and Ultra 5 machines here, both are supported in both
> > Solaris 10 and Linux. Both can be found on EBay, usually selling for
> > less than the shipping cost.
> Maybe in the USA, but not in France or Germany...
> Since the CPU of my U10 exploded I must run a SS10/512 and if the price
> of a U5 is less then shiping, where can I get a U5 for 50 Euro?
> Note: I am looking for a U10 or U20 and I need it generaly as "buildd"
>       but from time to time as Workstation.
> > All 32 bit Sun machines have been obselete for more than 10 years,
> OK, thats right...
> > the last example being the Sparc 5 which was kept in production
> > artificially until the Ultra 5 had been qualified for use as the SSP on
> > E10000 systems.
> >
> > Despite this, the architecture is well documented and Sun have been
> > very helpfull in tracking down any information that has been requested.
> >
> > Sun assists the 64 bit Sparc port of Linux, and has done for
> > several years.
> I was on the Website, but there interviews are not realy corresponding
> to the "real" world...  Even if Sun ovffer it Servers with Solaris OR
> Linux.
> > The real problem with Sparc32 is simple, the maintainer is not doing the
> > job and nobody has volunteered to take over. Without an active kernel
> > maintainer the port is suffering from bit rot and is doomed.
> Unfortunatly I have no clue about SPARC kernels...
> Thanks, Greetings and nice Day
>     Michelle Konzack
>     Systemadministrator
>     Tamay Dogan Network
>     Debian GNU/Linux Consultant

Perhaps I'm missing something in the big picture, but isn't the only 
difference between debian-sparc and debian-sparc64 the kernel?  The userland 
is 32bit in both.

Why not just use the last kernel davem puts out with support for sparc32 and 
freeze debian-sparc at that and just update userland?

I'm sure sparc32 users will be happy with this compromise rather than have 
debian-sparc dropped as an official port.

Or would that screw up d-i?


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