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Re: Support for Sun E220r server in Debian Etch

On Fri, 27 Apr 2007 19:54:24 MST, "Barry Wilson" writes:
>I have a Sun Enterprise 220R server (it is a sun4u chip with both 32/64 bit
>userland) running in Solaris 8, and was wondering if all of the hardware
>that is in it will work properly with Etch.

Given my experiences with an E250 at work, I'd say "yes, mostly".

>Specifically, I was wondering if Etch (and in turn, the Linux kernel)
>    1. The builtin RAID device that comes with the system. (It is a 2 device
>with RAID 0 or 1 support)

No idea. your prtconf doesn't show anything useful about what device 
that is; modinfo and sysdef outputs might have helped. 

>    2. SMP support for the sun4u system (Both would be 360Mhz processors,
>although the system currently only
>        has one, I have considered adding a second one if I can find it
>cheap enough).

If you use kernels that are NOT compiled with 4.1, yes; I've had 
a harrowing day this week convincing my Ultra2-SMP to work with
a gcc-4.1-compiled, which panicked repeatably every time
the iptables recent module was loaded. The same kernel built with gcc 3.4
works fine. *sigh*

>    3. The TOSHIBA DVD-ROM SD-M1401 SCSI DVD Drive (Since I will be
>installing Debian from this drive)

definitely; it's just another standard cdrom, never mind the writing 
capabilities (which you get, too, with cdrecord/wodim and growisofs).

>Also, is there any difference between the toolchain for a Debian x86 system
>and the sparc system?  I have to compile some custom code, and have access
>to compile it on a Debian x86 system before I

Speaking from fairly long Solaris experience, yes! (Sun's toolchain sucks.)


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