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Re: can't find the Debian script that creates sparc boot CDs

On Friday 27 April 2007, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Friday 27 April 2007 05:33, Ivan Kabaivanov wrote:
> > I need to create my own sparc-bootable CD and where better to learn
> > than from debian-sparc.  What's the script that creates the debian
> > sparc cds and where do I find it so I can study it?
> All Debian CDs are built using the "debian-cd" package. You can either
> install the package or get it from SVN:
> svn+ssh://svn.debian.org/svn/debian-cd/trunk
> Cheers,

Frans, thanks so much for replying!  After reading the boot-sparc.sh script I 
found the answer -- the trick was adding -G boot/isofs.b -B ... instead of -B 
boot/second.b as I had it.

Now my custom iso boots.

Thanks again.

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