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Re: Weird kernel 2.6.17.[67] behaviour

On 27/07/06, seb@frankengul.org <seb@frankengul.org> wrote:
On Thu, Jul 27, 2006 at 12:41:56AM +0100, Adam Henley wrote:
> On 27/07/06, Sébastien Bernard <seb@frankengul.org> wrote:
> >seb@frankengul.org a écrit :
> >> I got a perfectly workable kernel using mkinitramfs on my U60.
> >>
> >> Can you shed some lights on this dark corner of linux ?
> >>
> >>       Seb
> I can't shed any more light on it, but I can look too :o)

:). It was just a poetic licence.

Me too :)

Well, I'm not arguing that the fix is a wrong fix.

And I'm *definitely* not ruling it out as a cause of your problems :)
I don't have the know-how,  just trying to be helpful.Unfortunately I
don't have access to your arch of choice, otherwise I wouldn't be busy
installing Quake on my box in prep. for a company LAN party.


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