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Re: Weird kernel 2.6.17.[67] behaviour

seb@frankengul.org a écrit :
> I got a perfectly workable kernel using mkinitramfs on my U60.
> I applied 2 days ago the patches to update the kernel to the
> And to my surprise when rebooting, the boot process hanged for now
> reason.
> More surprising is that when boot continues if I press one key on the
> keyboard or one button on the mouse.
> The hangs happens several times in the start process and each time the
> boot resume when I press a key or a button.
> I never saw such a behaviour and was looking forward the change that
> caused this.
> It is not the compiler since it is the same version used for building
> the and this one is working.
> It is not the mkinitramfs tools since I tried the yaird to regenerate a
> new initrd and it hangs in the same way.
> Can you shed some lights on this dark corner of linux ?
> 	Seb

I have searched which patch is the culprit.
I appears that the kernel is OK and the is showing the

diff --git a/kernel/sys.c b/kernel/sys.c
index 0b6ec0e..59273f7 100644
--- a/kernel/sys.c
+++ b/kernel/sys.c
@@ -1991,7 +1991,7 @@ asmlinkage long sys_prctl(int option, un
                        error = current->mm->dumpable;
                case PR_SET_DUMPABLE:
-                       if (arg2 < 0 || arg2 > 2) {
+                       if (arg2 < 0 || arg2 > 1) {
                                error = -EINVAL;

I've checked and this is really the culprit.
Recompiling the whith the patch reversed got the kernel on
track again.

I can't figure why this cause the problem.
Can you have an explanation for this ?

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