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Sparcstation 10 Installation Woes

I've been trying to install Debian on my Sparcstation 10 for a few days
now, but so far no luck. My only real options for an installation are 1)
from the Hard Disk (similar to the bsd.rd method) or 2) from floppy. Net
booting isn't an option at this point. I would prefer Sarge, but Etch
wouldn't be bad either.......

At this point, I do have OpenBSD 3.9 running on this machine, but I
would prefer Debian. I found the floppy images located at
, but so far no luck. I wasn't able to locate floppy images for Sarge...
The Etch install process runs fine and nearly completes. However just
after asking if I want to participate in the popularity contest, it
begins downloading some files. After a few files (30 or so), it just
sits there with about 1m30s left on the progress bar. I've left it in
this state for 4 -5 hours, so i'm quite positive that the installer is
hung... any ideas? I'm willing to help troubleshoot if it is a real
issue with the installer...

 Also (unrelated, but the devs might like to know about this for etch),
I've noticed that the installer gives me a non fatal error about loading
a kernel module called sunqe (modprobe -v sunqe ). I'm not sure if need
this module... the machine does have a addon ethernet card so maybe it
is trying to load a module for that card?? In any case it doesn't matter
for me right now since I'm using the built-in ethernet card.

If at all possible, I would like to get away from the boot floppies and
boot from a hard drive based install image / ram disk. My particular
machine has 2 - 8GB SCSI hard drives, and I have OpenBSD on sd2 which
means that sd3 (disk 0) is available for Debian. For now OpenBSD is my
fall back option... which isn't horrible, but its *cough* almost too
secure for me with that whole chroot apache jail thing (i just want a
small test server...)  ;)


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