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Weird kernel 2.6.17.[67] behaviour

I got a perfectly workable kernel using mkinitramfs on my U60.

I applied 2 days ago the patches to update the kernel to the
And to my surprise when rebooting, the boot process hanged for now

More surprising is that when boot continues if I press one key on the
keyboard or one button on the mouse.

The hangs happens several times in the start process and each time the
boot resume when I press a key or a button.

I never saw such a behaviour and was looking forward the change that
caused this.

It is not the compiler since it is the same version used for building
the and this one is working.

It is not the mkinitramfs tools since I tried the yaird to regenerate a
new initrd and it hangs in the same way.

Can you shed some lights on this dark corner of linux ?


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