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Fixed: Re: Sun SPACR Ultra30's & going beyond the base install v3.0 r5

The problem was with the way the iso's had been built.
I spent considerable time crawling all over the CD's I built from the iso downloadable images. The way I found to install the various packages above and beyond the base system was as follows:

1. run dselect
2. ignore all the default options it specifies from the CD
3.  use the ones where I found the .deb files
 3a.   \pool\main  for the *.deb packages
 3b.   /dists/woody/main/binary_s  for packages & packages.gz
 3c. for the remaining questions posed by deselect, nominate 'none'
4. proceed with installing all the packages you want. You might have to rerun dselect
   several times to complete your install.

I got all my packages installed and 'Installation OK' appeared.

summary: it seems the v30r5 ISO images used to build the CD's are not built using the standard directory structure expected by dselect. Taking the time to find all the deb packages and them specifying them explicitly during a dselect install solved the problem.

ps  Is the a full v3.1 iso downloadable kit anywhere like there is v3.0r5?

Earl Violet wrote:
Here is my problem - I have downloaded all the v3.0 r5 SPARC
ISO's images
I have built the CD's - all 8 of them - and they are all ok, can be
read by other systems.
I booted off the  CD #1 to install the base system. All OK.

My problem - how does one go about installing all the rest of the
distribution from CD 2 through 6?

I had a problem with 3.1r1 in using install CDs. md5sum checked OK
for all of them. When I added them to the repository, they worked
fine. All of the information seemed to get on the computer OK.
When I tired to install anything other than the base system from
using apt-get, however, I kept getting broken packages.

All installed fine over the internet.

I didn't have this problem using 3.1r1 on the i86 platform. The CD
install went fine.


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