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Debian Sparc and IDE Pascal Lazarus

i install with success Lazarus on my PC(Intel P4) but i've a 
problem to do install Lazarus on my Ultra Sparc 5 with Debian Sarge3.1 

I've a Ultra Sparc with 40Gb of Hard disk and 256Mb of Ram.I work with this 
machine but i'm unable to install Lazarus . 
Is there a .deb packages that i can install it with  apt-get install 
lazarus  ????or-else,is there another solution??
With the source pkg i can't install the program because make don't workmthere 
are same error(with i386 and make clan all the situation is egual,the same 
It's important for to work with PASCAL/Lazarus...

Thanks for all.
Andrea Modesto Rossi

tel +39.0382.408911

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