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SPARC Ultra Creator 30 release install hassles - v30 r5

The problem I have is (seems) specific to the SPARC v30 r5 port.

The long & the short of it - does not matter what I do, I cannot install the complete Debian release from the v30r5 CD's I have built.

Does anyone know for a fact that this release (the full install, not just the base) has been test installed  on an UltraSPARC Creator 30? 

Clearly I am missing something core to the SPARC-specific port. As I said - CD's all are ok from a read point of view. As you would expect, the apt-cdrom add command permits me to feed all 6 CD's & all is OK reading/indexing the CD's.

The install I am talking about is a CD-based install beyond the initial boot and base system - ie the  complete 'all bells & whistles' install.

Thank you.
Phil Grimshaw

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