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Re: Sun SPACR Ultra30's & going beyond the base install v3.0 r5

> Here is my problem -  I have downloaded all  the v3.0 r5 SPARC 
ISO's images
> I have built the CD's - all 8 of them - and they are all ok, can be
read by other systems.
> I booted off the  CD #1 to install the base system. All OK.
> My problem - how does one go about installing all the rest of the
distribution from CD 2 through 6?

I had a problem with 3.1r1 in using install CDs. md5sum checked OK
for all of them. When I added them to the repository, they worked
fine. All of the information seemed to get on the computer OK. 

When I tired to install anything other than the base system from
using apt-get, however, I kept getting broken packages.

All installed fine over the internet.

I didn't have this problem using 3.1r1 on the i86 platform. The CD
install went fine.


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