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Re: SPARC Ultra Creator 30 release install hassles - v30 r5

Phil Grimshaw wrote:
The long & the short of it - does not matter what I do, I cannot install the complete Debian release from the v30r5 CD's I have built.
Clearly I am missing something core to the SPARC-specific port. As I said - CD's all are ok from a read point of view. As you would expect, the apt-cdrom add command permits me to feed all 6 CD's & all is OK reading/indexing the CD's.

The install I am talking about is a CD-based install beyond the initial boot and base system - ie the  complete 'all bells & whistles' install.

I am hardly qualified to be the answer here, being new to the debian realm, but for what very little value.....

I recently installed 3.1r2 on my E4500, and had to dig a little to find this, but running dselect seems to be the key to all the 'bells and whistles.' BUT  (big big but) really read the information on using it.  Once you get it figured out, it's really nice and exceptionally well-done.  (Thanks go to ????)  It's a little bumpy when gettting used to it, though, as there are a few things I would recommend in *minor* changes.  I am only otherwise familiar with RPMs ansd TGZs, and dselect seems (IMHO) superior to both.  The apt-cdrom program is paramount before using dselect, though!

Wenton L. Davis

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