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Can't boot Etch.

Hi, all.

I have just rejoined the list after a period away from the Sparc architecture.

I have recently been trying to install 2.6 kernel based distro's, but without any luck.

I am using an Ultra 10, and have failed with Ubuntu Dapper, and Debian Etch.

The strange thing is that, when I use kernel 2.4, i.e. Gentoo, Sarge, Aurora, etc, I don't have any problems.

When I use a 2.6 kernel based distro, my installs fails soon after the start, at "Booting Linux.....".

This is also the case when I install Sarge and then do a dist-upgrade to Etch. 

For info, my OBP .version is 3.31.

Can anybody help?

Many thanks,


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