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Re: sun Ultra 5 (no screen at boot)

On Friday 31 March 2006 08:29, Xavier Oswald wrote:
> Oh, I just solve the problem :)
> I don't know why but on my 17"CRT monitor, it show a black screen
> I just try on my 19" flat screen and it works !
> Someone knows what is the frequency required ?
> Thanks !
> Friendly,

I forget the exact details, but the monitor has to support either multi-sync
or fixed frequencies (I don't even know if they are two different words for 
the same thing).
Out of about 8 CRT monitors I have tried only two have sync to the signal, all 
LCD's I have tried have worked immediately.

Someone else on the list can correct the details, but the general point is PC 
CRT monitors don't  sync to sun framebuffer signals. Failing that if you wish 
a definitive answer, look at the Sun docs, or use google.

Hamish Greig

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