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Re: sun Ultra 5 (no screen at boot)

On 21:56 Thu 30 Mar     , Hartwig Atrops wrote:
> Hi
> > I just get some Sun ultra 5.
> >
> > When I turn on the computer, everything seems to work well but nothing
> > appears at screen and it stays black.
> >
> > I tried to change the keyboard, the computer, and my monitor works well
> > with my intel32 computer. (I use a VGA monitor)
> VGA connector is ok for Ultra5/10. Monitor frequency problem? I only tried 
> "high end" monitors (Eizo, Sun), they work well.

My monitor support 1024x768 85Hz

> Which keyboard? SUN? Don't know out of my head if any other fits into the 
> keyboard connector.

Yes, I use the sun keyboard.

> If you boot without keyboard, the Sun will use serial port A as console 
> (Terminal) and the monitor stays black. (Did not try with Ultra5, but it 
> works on Ultra10, and those are quite the same.)

I think so.

Oh, I just solve the problem :)
I don't know why but on my 17"CRT monitor, it show a black screen
I just try on my 19" flat screen and it works !

Someone knows what is the frequency required ?

Thanks !

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