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Re: Sparc32 support?

I've managed to install (using beta 1 admittedly) Etch on a few different Sparcs, 2 Sparcbook 3GX's, an SS20, 2 SS10's. I do have an SS2 and an IPC and IPX as well (though I'm not sure if the batteries have gone in either of those) if anyone really wants me to be masochistic and try them...

I only switched to 2.6 on the 3GX's as the PROM Console drove me nuts (and it's not like I use it for anything more than as a remote console for pine). I also ended up having to compile most bits statically into the kernel to get them all to work reliably, the keyboard didn't for instance and external keyboard/mouse didn't work last time I tried either. Most of the other problems are simply due to the lack of support in the kernel at all for the hardware (PCMCIA mainly).

I've got a 3rd 3GX I can have a crack at reinstalling shortly with the lastest beta if anyone wants.

Huzzah! I've come out of my depression long enough to write some emails!

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