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Re: Sparc32 support?

On Fri, 3 Feb 2006, Frans Pop wrote:

If Debian Installer could support 2.6 based installations for sparc32,
that would be an important step towards not having to drop it for Etch.
One thing that would definitely need to be worked on for longer term
viability is sysfs support in sbus device drivers.
If theres any lists of things that need doing and a few pointers I'd be more than happy to attempt to work on stuff. Don't usually deal with anything this lowlevel but there's always a time to start. :-)

I've also seen various references to doing an i386-linux-uclibc port of debian for the lower memory/speed benefits it provides. 2 Questions: 1) where's this being talked about if anyone knows as I have old PC's that could use the extra life as well, and 2) has anyone looked into it for Sparc32? I know that uClibc currently doesn't have a dynamic linker for the Sparc32 (unless I'm out of date there) but would it be worthwhile in general?

Huzzah! I've come out of my depression long enough to write some emails!

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