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Re: Sparc32 support?

Zoe Parsons wrote:
> Hi, I've read in a couple of places that there's consideration of dropping 
> Sparc32 support totally for Etch? Is this true, and if so is there 
> anything I can do to help stop that happening?
> I've just reinstalled my Sparcbook laptops with Linux (and was going to do 
> the other machines I have lying around), and managed to get 2.6.15 
> running on there with few problems (I couldn't get the P9100 FB driver to 
> build on 2.4). Apart from not having X running ATM it's working nice and 
> smoothly, so I don't personally see the problem. :-)

I've also successfully installed etch on a sparc4c machine (using the
2.6 kernel; 2.4 doesn't work), and it works ok. IIRC the earlier problems
seem to be resolved.

see shy jo

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