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kde totally broken

I just upgraded all the kde in testing to version 3.4. Now almost nothing 
works. All the apps, especially kmail, konsole and cervisia die ramdomly 
(sometimes when starting and other times in a change of desktop, or when 
opening a pulldown menu).

For the note, I deleted all my ~/.kde directory, so I got a fresh starting 
configuration, with the same result.

It's very odd, and the worst part is that the KDE apps don't have debugging 
symbols so I can't see whats happening with gdb.

Any ideas on how to solve this?

select 'mmarques' || '@' || 'unl.edu.ar' AS email;
Martín Marqués          |   Programador, DBA
Centro de Telemática	|     Administrador
               Universidad Nacional
                    del Litoral

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