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Re: kde totally broken

I had exactly the same problem, and I found no solution. I tried to rebuild 
all the kde related packages, but it didn't helped. I even tried to build the 
kde 3.5-rc1 packages from alioth but the result was the same.

The only workaround I found is to stay with 3.3 which is very stable (I know 
this is not a long term solution)

Maybe we should fill a bug report

Le Jeudi, 1 Décembre 2005 23.29, Martín Marqués a écrit :
> I just upgraded all the kde in testing to version 3.4. Now almost nothing
> works. All the apps, especially kmail, konsole and cervisia die ramdomly
> (sometimes when starting and other times in a change of desktop, or when
> opening a pulldown menu).
> For the note, I deleted all my ~/.kde directory, so I got a fresh starting
> configuration, with the same result.
> It's very odd, and the worst part is that the KDE apps don't have debugging
> symbols so I can't see whats happening with gdb.
> Any ideas on how to solve this?

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