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Re: Ultra10 console problems


I too had some hard time getting a (stock) 2.6 kernel running on my Ultra10 
with Elite3d. It would just never boot all the way. the 2.4.27 from the net 
install cd booted fine though... After numerous tries I found that using 
video=atyfb:off in silo was needed to boot a 2.6 kernel. At that time I was 
trying 2.6.12, and I'm still using it today. heres what my silo.conf looks 
like today.

vincent@ra:~$ cat /etc/silo.conf



note the append part in the default kernel section. The LinuxOLD refers to a 
2.4.27 kernel which doesn't need this option.

Hope it is of any help :)


btw. getting an accellerated Elite3d config running isn't what it used to be 
either... :( I had to modify /etc/init.d/afbinit to get /usr/sbin/afbinit 
executed since dmesg doen't mention the string "Elite 3D" anymore... this 
type of detection is used by the /etc/init.d/afbinit script. But I guess 
that's not an issue for you.

On Thursday 01 December 2005 02:01 am, Dave Barnett wrote:
> I need some help debugging this.  A pointer on how to begin would be
> helpful....
>  I have a Sun Ultra 10, usually headless, running sid.  Kernel 2.4.26-6
> works fine.  The boot completes normally, and the console is a functional
> and bland white characters on black background.  Once the boot completes, I
> get a "login:" prompt, and I can type "root" and "********" and get logged
> in fine.
>  The available builds (apt-get) of kernels 2.6.8, 2.6.12, 2.6.14-1-sparc64,
> 2.6.14-2-sparc64, and 2.6.14-4-sparc64 fail to complete the boot process.
>  The last message I see is "Booting Linux" on the console.  I do not have a
> serial console set up, so I don't know whether it locks at that point, but
> it appears to.
>  I have installed the 2.6.14 source, and if I build the kernel using the
> default configuration options, I get a kernel that will boot, and comes to
> a "login:" prompt without issue.  After the boot, however, the console is
> unusable.  In other words, I can type "root" and "********", but the system
> doesn't log me in, and an ssh from another system confirms that a) the
> system is up, and b) who shows that no one else is logged in.
>  One thing I notice with 2.6.14 is that the console has switched from white
> characters on black background to black characters on a white background.
>  One other thing I notice is that when "Booting Linux" comes up, the num
> lock, caps lock, scrool lock, and compose flash on then off, and nothing
> else happens as far as I can tell.
>  I am not running X, and as far as I know, there are no hardware problems.
>  Any suggestions?
>  Would setting up a serial console help debug this issue?  [If so, I'll
> have to figure out how to do that....]
>  Thank you.
>  Cheers,
>  Dave
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