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Re: Netra X1 strange lock up Debian 3.1, kernel

On Tue, 6 Sep 2005, Luigi Gangitano wrote:

Il giorno 05/set/05, alle ore 22:25, William Herrin ha scritto:

I'm getting a wierd partial-lockup under Debian 3.1 (sarge) on a Netra X1
with a kernel compiled fresh from the sources.

I had the same problem on my Sun Blade 100. Never got to catch lock-up while still logged in, so I could not debug this issue.

This happened with kernels from 2.6.9 to 2.6.11. It appears to have been fixed in 2.6.12, no lockup in the last 20 days (before it was 6 days between each freeze).


Did you ever try the stock Debian kernels? There is a bug report (322960) stating that stock 2.6.12 kernels do not boot on Netra T1. I wonder whether the same problem is present for X1.

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