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Re: Cannot find a working netinst / business card / mini iso sarge CD image that works on an Ultra5

I forgot to mention, I tried this image also, the "all modular IDE" one that Dave love suggested earlier. Same problems.



Tyler wrote:

I feel like i'm hitting my head against a wall now guys... I've tryed about 6 different bootable CD images... netinst, business card image, mini iso (5mb), some daily snapshot images (netinst/business card), and cannot get any of them to boot properly on an Ultra5.

The ultra5 is a 360mhz, 256mb (50ns), 8.4GB IDE drive, IDE Cdrom, no pci cards.

Its got a working copy of Solaris 5.8 currently that came with the machine.

Its one of two different error messages, depending if the kernel is 2.4 or 2.6 based. The images with a 2.4(.27 in most cases) has this error:

RAMDISK   : Couldn't find valid RAM disk image starting at 0
Freeing initrd memory 2970k freed
cramfs: wrong magic
Kernel Panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs
Press L1-A (STOP + A on newer keyboards I found) to return to the boot prom on 00:00

The 2.6(.7 I think I noticed) based images (the mini iso if i remember correctly) comes up with the following:

Fast Data Access MMU Miss

Someone *please* point me to a working sarge netinst (150mb)/ business card (25mb) / mini iso (5mb) that will boot properly on an Ultra5.

Thanks guys.
I'm finally using a CDRW instead of wasting CDR's now as well..


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