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Re: Deb on Sparc Station 5

Hi all.

> > > Hi folks I have a number of Sparc Station 5's coming soon will sarge
> > > run on them? I think they have 450MB hard drives and 65Mb of ram,
> > > though I'm not sure until they arrive. I'm  planning on learning about
> > > clustering, and I am reasonably new to Linux (been running Mandrake),
> > > so any help would be appreciated. Any good web sites you can point me
> > > at?
> >
> > I run Etch on an Ultra 5 box here (writing this now using Sylpheed on
> > that box now).
> I'll just say it so someone else doesn't have to, a SparcStation 5 and
> an Ultra 5 are muuuuch different animals.

That's true. A Sparcstation 5 is a 32 bit machine whith SCSI disks, while a 
Ultra 5 has a 64 bit CPU (and IDE).

The old Sparcstation 5 is a fine (home) server today. My SS5 has a 110 MHz 
CPU and the standard 8 bit graphics. I am still running Debian Woody on it, 
did not try Sarge yet. 

The SS5 has a special slot for a true color graphics card. I never have seen 
one and I do not know if it works with Linux/XFree86. 8 bit colour isn't much 
fun today. 

A 450 MB hard drive is not enough for an installation with KDE or Gnome, a 
small window manager like icewm, flwm ... shoud be possible. 

The high end 32 bit Sun workstation was the SS20 - with up to 4 CPUs. I have 
some dual processor SS20, I am planning to try clustering, too (Beowulf). As 
far as I know it works. Network interface: 10 Mbit/s.



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