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Re: Deb on Sparc Station 5

On Sun, 07 Aug 2005 09:42:35 +0200, Hartwig Atrops writes:
>> The ss5's don't come with a floppy or CD drive, but I do have a SCSI CD
>> burner attached to one of my amd boxes. How do I get round the openboot
>> password to tell it to boot from the CD?
>External SCSI CD? You can attach it to the SS5. Openboot password? Are you 
>shure? I have never seen a machine with an openboot password (I think there 
>is an option to have a password - cannot check at the moment). 

having an openprom passwd on dumpste^Wsecond-hand gear is really annoying.

I've had good results on a number of ss4s with the hardcore method: 
pull the idprom/nvram chip out, boot the sucker and go to the openprom prompt, 
then carefully insert the chip *while everything is hot* (time for sweaty
setenv security-mode none; and off you go.

one of the places mentioning this method: http://www.bicekru.org/faq.htm#12


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