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Re: Sarge may be last Debian release for 32 bit sparc systems

On Mon, 25 Jul 2005 14:06:46 -0700
Blars Blarson <blarson@blars.org> wrote:

> Support of sun4c and sun4d was effectivly dropped from Sarge.  The
> only reports trying d-i on this hardware that I remember seeing were
> failures, and noone bother to try to fix it.  Upgrades from Woody may
> work, but were not well tested either.

   Not if the binaries are compiled for sparc v8, as has been indicated

   I loathe my old sun4c gear and will be shortly converting my last IPC -
which hasn't been turned on in 7 years - into a functional lunchbox.
Anybody who really wants to play with sun4c can come by my place for a free
SS2 w/ full complement of ram. 

> Note that lack of hardware is not the problem, if anyone wants some
> sun4m systems (located in Los Angeles) let me know before they wind up
> in the recycle pile.
> (If you don't have the skills/time for doing supporting the hardware
> yourself, you could substitue money.  However, it would be much
> cheaper just to replace your outdated hardware.)

   I have a hard time disagreeing. I had an SS10 die and replaced it with a
spare, and found myself believing that i would have been much better off
finding a big wad of dimms for an idle ultra5 rather than putting another
ss10 in (free) coloc. 

   If anybody needs a great big pile of ss10 dimms, drop me an email. I
think some of them may be fast enough to run in an ss20 but i have no
real idea. I have at least 768 megs of them. Also willing to give you my
pile of SS10's and two SM51 modules if you pick them up and never speak to
me of them again. 

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