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Re: Mopping up issues on an old sparc - need advice

On Mon, Jul 25, 2005 at 02:26:51PM -0600, Eric Jorgensen wrote:
>    I've got an ss10 that's running woody, was dist-upgraded from potato. It
> is in a remote facility running headless. 

woody is obsolete

OK, I just wanted to say that to someone once.  Things like potato,
hamm, etc. '... is obsolete' have been slapped on my forehead so many
times, I wanted to join "wow-i'm superior" club for 1 second.

>    First, for some reason dpkg thinks that dialog and whiptail both
> conflict with debconf. Baffled here. I've never had to force an issue wrt
> dependencies and conflicts on debian, how do i just beat it in there? 

Can't help you there.  Are you sure they are all the woody versions?
Have you tried --fix-broken?

>    Also, libc6-sparc64 conflicts with libgcc1 and gcc-3.0. What gives? Best
> course of action? 

I think I remember this one.  Remove gcc-3.0 and libc6-sparc64 and
re-install gcc-3.0.  I don't think you need gcc-3  libgcc1, quite frankly,
and you certainly don't need libc6-spark64.  Woody is built with 2.95.4
and 3.0 doesn't build much useful.  Sarge is gcc-3.3.  I seem to remember
that gcc-3.0 had a lot of bugs.  Kernels are built with egcs but you
must know that.  I know that some people were trying to build kernels
with 3.0, but with little success.

>    I'm also wondering how advisable it is to try a dist-upgrade to Sarge on
> a remote, headless system. If anything goes wrong to where i can't ssh into
> it, that means i have to schedule a time that's convenient for the guy
> hosting my machine and drive a half an hour and put a serial console on it.
> When it needs attention every 3 or 4 years, downtime tends to stretch to a
> week or more before i can get out there and get it running again. 
>    I have looked through a bit of the mailing list archives and have no
> concerns about kernel package issues, since I always run custom kernel
> builds. Might be nice to know if the dist-upgrade is going to change the
> silo configuration so i can change it back. 

I did it recently on my U2 without any problems.  Haven't powered up the
now ancient SS20 to try it, quite frankly.

Let us know how it goes.  Sarge is probably worth it now, as woody has
been taken off the boards.  I had some nasty upgrade problems with an
x86 desktop that also runs apt-proxy, but I didn't have any problems
with the sun.



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