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Re: blade 1000 boot problem

Turbo Fredriksson <turbo@debian.org> writes:

> Eh? Not sure what you mean here... Please elaborate (so I'm warned :).

What you say below, except that I've seen something similar
interrupting an attempted boot of Solaris too, and the v210 does
reboot happily multiple times.

> What I DO know about the STOP-A is that it very often freezes (with the
> stock kernels - I found a patch that fixes that) and you often can't do
> a reboot correctly.
> Doing a 'shutdown -r now' will work ONCE, but the second time the kernel
> freezes and invoking STOP-A won't work. NOT even via serial which is the
> only way for me to control the machine other than network.

Yes, when the v210 was frozen, I had to reset it via the lights-out
management system.

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