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Re: E250, Raptor gfx, kernel 2.6: questions...

I think you will find my bug at the following URL to be relevant to
your situation. Please have a look at my strace64 output and let me
know what you think. Also, please add any potentially relevant comments
to the docket. Hopefully if multiple users report this, the X Strike
Force will finally take action against it. Thanks in advance for your
assistance with this.


--- Ron Murray <rjmx@rjmx.net> wrote:

>    I have sarge installed on an Enterprise 250 with a Raptor GFX
> video
> board, and it works fine with a 2.4 kernel.
>    2.6 kernels are another matter. At first I could get no video out
> of the thing (although it booted fine and I could SSH into it). I've
> been working with the Linux pm2fb maintainer, and he now has it to
> the
> point where we have video at least (but there are still problems with
> graphics).
>    When I try to run X under a 2.6 kernel (currently 2.6.9) it fails
> (segfaults) at the point where it should be scanning the PCI
> bus. We're beginning to think that this isn't a framebuffer problem,
> but rather a problem in X itself. Anyone know of any problems with X
> under sparc64 with 2.6 kernels? I'm using the current sarge X
> packages.
> Thanks,
>  .....Ron

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