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Re: Xserver crash Enterprise 250 Raptor Video

Clearly this indicates some kind of boot order dependency is not being
satisfied. I suggest you investigate what thing that X requires to have
been started is either (A) not started in time for the display
manager's X server to find it or (B) not done starting in time for the
display manager's X server to find it.

Figuring this out could be difficult. Also, you could scour the
configurations of your display managers for anomalies. I have found
that Debian's default display manager configurations tend to be a
little bit wonky, to be perfectly honest. I hope you figure this out.

--- Bob Meader <bob@cci.net> wrote:

> I have an odd xserver crash problem on a E250 with
> Raptor/GFX display.  If Xwindows runs under control
> with xdm,gdm or kdm the xserver will crash hard
> after running an application.  The KDE session
> does completely startup so have "start" panel.
> I will lockup after variety of mouse/keyboard events.
> When it locks up the kernel might be dead
> as well I can no longer ping it ie no network.
> Now for the odd part the "work around".
> I rename the /etc/rc2.d services S99gdm to NOS99gdm,
> S99kdm to NOS99kdm and S99xdm NOS99xdm. I boot up
> the system,login in as root at the console and
> start kdm via NOS99kdm start.
> The xserver now works flawlessly ie never crashes...
> What's the difference between starting the service
> at bootup and starting it from a console session?
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