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Re: which xserver to use on Ultra2 ?


> I am using the stock 2.4.18 that came with Woody 3.0r2.  How do I check
> for Creator support in it ?

Good question. I never tried to find out before ...

I played around a little bit. When you compile your own kernel, you get a 
file called System.map. It contains the names and addresses of kernel 
functions. The one from my own kernel has function names containing creator.

Unfortunately I could not find that file for the standard kernel on my 
machine. Does not seem to belong to the kernel package :-(

So I did a

	strings /boot/vmlinux-2.4.18-sun4u | grep -i creator

No result. With my own kernel I have 3 hits.

And I could not find any Creator stuff in the 2.4.18 module directory.

I have to guess, but I would say: no Creator support in the standard Woody 

> And how do I build a Debian kernel that's more recent ?

There is a Debian way to build a kernel of your own. It somhow uses the 
Debian package managment as far as I know. I never used it, I take a kernel 
from kernel.org, configuere, compile and install it. The way I did it before 
I switched to Debian. So, if you want to go the Debian way, I am the wrong 
person to talk to ;-)

> cheers,
>       mehul



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