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Xserver crash Enterprise 250 Raptor Video

I have an odd xserver crash problem on a E250 with
Raptor/GFX display.  If Xwindows runs under control
with xdm,gdm or kdm the xserver will crash hard
after running an application.  The KDE session
does completely startup so have "start" panel.
I will lockup after variety of mouse/keyboard events.
When it locks up the kernel might be dead
as well I can no longer ping it ie no network.

Now for the odd part the "work around".
I rename the /etc/rc2.d services S99gdm to NOS99gdm,
S99kdm to NOS99kdm and S99xdm NOS99xdm. I boot up
the system,login in as root at the console and
start kdm via NOS99kdm start.
The xserver now works flawlessly ie never crashes...
What's the difference between starting the service
at bootup and starting it from a console session?

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