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Re: Bug#269715: ftbfs [sparc] Requires v9|v9a|v9b

|--==> James A Morrison writes:

  JAM> Blars Blarson <blarson@blars.org> writes:

  >>In article <[🔎] 87brduqazo.fsf@miu-ft.org> you write:
  >>>I have a package which FTBFS:
  >>>any hint on how to fix it?
  >>>From the error messages, it appears the package contians assembler
  >>code that only works on sparc64, and the default for compiling for
  >>debian sparc is sparc32.

  JAM>  Isn't exactly what the bug means.  The default for debian sparc is
  JAM> v8plus not v9.  However, v9 can be run in 32 bit mode so the program
  JAM> brutefir probably will compile on Debian if -march=ultrasparc is
  JAM> in the CFLAGS.

  >>Either disabled the assembler version, or modify your package to force
  >>sparc64 complilation.  (or you could do both sparc32 and sparc64

  JAM>  I looked at the makefile.  Probably the best fix is to move -Wa,-xarch=v8plus
  JAM> out of ifeq (,SUNOS) and into the main body of the makefile.

Ok, thanks a lot for your hints. I'll try to pop out the chunk of code
from the ifeq block and let you know.



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