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Whats the trick?

Greetings all

I have been trying to load Sarge onto an Ultra 2.
I have tried several things in an effort to load so
it will boot.

I seems to load ok after I do the modprobe work
around. But when the system goes to re-boot
it comes up and starts to run silo and promptly
terminates "Program terminated"

In the partitioning I have set the boot flag to on, 
then left it off. That didn't make any difference.
I pulled the second CPU thinking there was 
something wrong with the SMP kernel. This 
also didn't make any difference. I've even selected
the ext2 in the partitioning. That also didn't 
make any difference. 

Any thoughts?

My system is an Ultra 2 with 256MB of ram
and dual 200MHZ processors. It has a 9GB
and an 18GB hard drive it it. I am hoping to 
make a web server out of it. It was loaded 
with Debain 3.0r0 .

Any comments will be appreciated. 
Walt Williams

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