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Re: Whats the trick to keep a Ultra 2 booting?

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On Sat, Nov 20, 2004 at 07:15:42AM -0700, Walt L. Williams wrote:
> Greetings all
Hello all,

> I have been trying to load Sarge onto an Ultra 2.
> I have tried several things in an effort to load so
> it will boot.
> I seems to load ok after I do the modprobe work
> around. But when the system goes to re-boot
> it comes up and starts to run silo and promptly
> terminates "Program terminated"
> In the partitioning I have set the boot flag to on, 
> then left it off. That didn't make any difference.
> I pulled the second CPU thinking there was 
> something wrong with the SMP kernel. This 
> also didn't make any difference. I've even selected
> the ext2 in the partitioning. That also didn't 
> make any difference. 
> Any thoughts?

Mmmm, http://bugs.debian.org/267428 is still open.

> My system is an Ultra 2 with 256MB of ram
> and dual 200MHZ processors. It has a 9GB
> and an 18GB hard drive it it. I am hoping to 
> make a web server out of it. It was loaded 
> with Debain 3.0r0 .
> Any comments will be appreciated. 

Try http://www.stappers.nl/gst/pool/main/s/silo/silo_1.4.8-1.01_sparc.deb
and tell us your milage.

> Walt Williams

Geert Stappers

# md5sum silo_1.4.8-1.01_sparc.deb
5a5dfbb8192b6a9e04bff25b37e9eed6  silo_1.4.8-1.01_sparc.deb

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