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Re: BootP problems with Netra T1 (ARP/RARP)

Run ethereal (www.ethereal.com) or your packet sniffer of choice on the windows box ... that will allow you to determine if the network is working and what computer is being a problem.

If it is the boot server, mayhap try running cygwin and a linux bootp server instead.


Neil D. Roberts wrote:

Hi Sparc Users !

Above all, sorry if this problem has been responded to before. If so, I
would love to have the dates of the thread to pursue in the list archive !

I'm a little new with Sparc systems, so I have run into some real newby
problems. I am trying *or would like* to set up Debian on a Netra T1 105 but
have run into a beauty of a problem. Anyway, I have specified the Netra to
boot from the net and I keep on getting a message saying "Timeout waiting
for ARP/RARP packet". The "Net0" port is connected through a crossover cable
to a Windows XP box running Cabletron TFTP/BootP Services. I have included
the mac address along with an IP address and the tftpboot.img location for
it to respond to the Netra, but nothing happens. I have tested the crossover
cable. The network seems to be up. But I can't seem to solve the kickstart
of it all :( I suppose the answer to this would be to use the bootp services
of a linux box, but unfortunately I can't get my hands on one at the moment.
Any ideas on this one ?

Thanks and regards !


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