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Re: filesystem corruption

On 12 Feb 2004 21:10:29 -0500
Marc Horowitz <marc@mit.edu> wrote:

> Briefly: each time an IDE channel is reset, this code reads pci config
> register 0x58, and saves it.  For channel 0, it clears bit 0x04,
> writes it back to the register, waits a millisecond, then writes the
> original saved value back.  For channel 1, it does the same with bit
> 0x08.

Register 0x58 specifies the primary channel address setup timing.

Only bits 0-2 are supposed to mean anything, the rest are reserved.
This workaround you describe, therefore, doesn't make much sense.
The valid values for this register are:

0: 8 clks
1: 1 clk
2: 2 clks
3: 3 clks
4: 4 clks
5: 5 clks
6: 6 clks
7: 7 clks

> I'm not sure what this register does, but the algorithm is easy enough
> to implement.  However the kernel build is blowing out early, so I
> can't test it out:

Need to update your build tools probably.  I never use the make-deb script
myself, I always just build a vanilla tree to do my work.

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