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64bit libs

I tried to recompile postgresql with "-m64". That didn't work, the libs where
postgres depends on are 32-bit.

I've created a patch witch adds the package lib64readline4 to the sourcepkg
readline4. Readline depends on libc6 and ncurses, which both come in a 64-bit

The next package which needs a 64bit version is zlib.

Why didn't anybody build 64-bit packages of those libs? I guess the IA64, AMD64,
S/390 and PPC64 people also like to use the full potentian of their systems.

64-bit is usefull for PostgreSQL. It could possible gain some speed improvements
and it will enable the use of large quantities of memory.

There doesn't have to be a 64bit package of postgresql, recompiling with -m64
should do the job.

Are there any other packages wich will benefit from 64bit?

Why isn't there a 64bit tag in BTS? packages which are not 64bit clean should be
marked in my opinion.

Any people want to help? I'll create a projectpage. It won't be sparc64 specific.

Daniel van Eeden <daniel_e@dds.nl>

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